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I tried to sit down. I tried to write. But nothing felt appropriate. I tried to think of ideas, but I just couldn’t. My words aren’t good enough. My words don’t need to be heard. I get the privilege of being heard all the time. Many others aren’t afforded that same luxury. So this week,…

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Self Care In A Crisis

The time we are in right now is so uncertain, and it’s something we’ve never seen before. People are becoming sick. Some are dying. Countries are being quarantined. Restaurants, bars, theaters, and much more have been shut down. Work has stopped. Bills have not. The media is going crazy. Things become stocked and emptied within…

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When Jordan and I were dating we had the “if we wanted kids” talk. Looking back at that conversation it makes me laugh, because I did NOT want to birth kids of my own at all. I had zero interest in it. All I ever wanted to do was adopt kids. I just didn’t see…

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