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S-Pinch Me This is Amazing!

Alright guys, you asked for it so here it is! Another recipe to trick your kids into eating more vegetables and spinach nonetheless! Okay maybe trick is kind of a harsh word but let’s ignore that and focus on the fact that your children might be eat their veggies willingly and ask for more! In…

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Picture This: You, Me, and Pie

We’re back with another date night idea for everyone and this one was planned by me. A quick warning though, this date night idea is going to have a little different set up then any other date prior, and for starters there is a surprise below so stay tuned! Anyways, we’re about five months into…

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Lettuce Taco ‘bout Dinner

Hey guys! I really hope you all are doing well and have been enjoying my writings. In trying times like we’re in I have really enjoyed connecting with all of you, so thank you for those who have been staying engaged! Today I’m going to be giving you my super sacred taco meat recipe. This…

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