Picture This: You, Me, and Pie


We’re back with another date night idea for everyone and this one was planned by me. A quick warning though, this date night idea is going to have a little different set up then any other date prior, and for starters there is a surprise below so stay tuned!

Anyways, we’re about five months into weekly date nights at this point and we’re both struggling with ideas that are original, fun, and live up to the standards of the previous dates. It’s getting hard though, so tonights date is definitely more simple and relaxed.


I just happened to be scrolling through Pinterest when I stumbled across a picture that said something along the lines of “The Best Games to Play at Game Night”. Now, you must know that my friends and I are obsessed with game nights, so naturally I had to look at this article. When I read through it, it listed Pictionary and out of nowhere the thought occurred to me, that Pictionary might actually be kind of fun to play on a date night.


If any of you have ever played Pictionary, though, you know that traditionally you would have teams to play, requiring the minimum amount of participation to be four people. That wasn’t going to work, obviously. So I was looking through different search engines when I stumble on an amazing website that I’ll link here. This website automatically generated words specifically to be used in Pictionary. I was blown away. That was such a good idea! Now I knew we could make this work.


On a night I was suppose to plan, he surprised me with my favorite pie! He’s definitely a keeper.


Pro Tip #1: Use both of your phones

I know, I know. You aren’t supposed to be on your phones for date night, but this time the activity requires it. You are going to want one phone as a dedicated timer (assuming you don’t have a handy portable one anywhere) and one with the automatic word generator. Once you have the phones set up, grab some paper and pens and you are ready to begin.


Pro Tip #2: Write a line down the middle of the page

A super simple way to save a ton of paper especially if you end up playing as many rounds as we did.


So to get started you will give one person the phone that has the timer and the other person will have the word generator. The person with the timer will be guessing and the person with the generator will be drawing. Once both parties are ready the guesser will give a signal so the timer and the generator will be started at the same time. Traditionally, a person has five seconds to think after looking at the word and then they have a full minute to write. I didn’t want to deal with that so we just gave each other one minute and five seconds to do it all. So, you have a minute and five seconds to try to guess what word is trying to be conveyed. Remember no talking, mouthing, or writing actual letters. Once you’ve gotten it correct or the timer goes off, you are going to switch phones and start again. Repeat this as many times as you’d like to play.


There isn’t a fair way to keep score of this game so it’s a just for fun game. Which kind of sounds like a let down, but we seriously had a BLAST playing this game. I was so nervous thinking that this wouldn’t be enough, but it was. We laughed so hard and had such a good time together. This is something I we will probably be doing in the future for sure.


Pro Tip #3: Challenge Yourself!

This game is only as fun as you make it and if you skip all the hard words, what fun is that! Try and push yourself to draw outrageous things, but if it’s so difficult your are frustrated use an easier level. This is suppose to be challenging and fun!

Us relaxing with our pie after several hilarious rounds of pictionary. Also, I don’t know if I’ve gone over this, but every date night we get a bottle of sparkling juice. It makes the night a little more special and makes us feel a little more fancy…even though we just put it in regular glasses.


Okay so I hinted at something special being at the end of this article and here it is. I’m going to show you what we drew! (It’s more than that though, keep reading.) Jordan thought it’d be fun to have you all guess the word/words we were trying to convey. I thought it sounded like such a fun idea, but I want to shake it up a bit. In light of everything that has been going on in that last few months I know a lot of people who have been under a lot of stress including us. So I thought it would be fun to make this a game with a small little prize and everything to get our minds off everything. “Why Mallory that sounds like a great idea. What’s the game?” Glad you asked. Below you can see all the pictures we drew. You are going to try to guess what we were trying to draw. Once you have your guesses you are going to number them 1-32 (1 being the first picture listed-32 being the last one listed) and then you are going to message me your guesses.


Okay now I know what you’re thinking, “What’s the prize going to be?” Y’all I do not know yet, because I made this game/prize thing up on the spot but I’ll figure it out. I want to support a small or local business in the process too, though. If you have any ideas for a prize, send those to me as well and we’ll all figure it out together.

I bet you are wondering how you can send me your guesses, and well, there are a couple ways you can communicate this information. I do share my articles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so feel free to direct message on those platforms or go to my “Connect” tab and send me a message! I have linked everything above and I would love to hear from you!


UPDATE: Winners for this giveaway have been contacted and the answer key can be found at “Picture this: Giveaway Answers“. Thanks for all who played!


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