Spa Night Special

When Jordan first told me we were doing a spa night, I was super excited but also kind of worried. I had been thinking about planning a spa night for awhile but it just seemed like it would be too much work and way too expensive. Everytime I went to plan a spa date it went something like this, “Okay, I’m going to need to get matching bathrobes and two water foot massage things, some bath salts, and probably some chocolate covered strawberries, right? Gosh this is going to be expensive” Did I mention I can be a bit extra sometimes? Well because I always had that train of thought I never ended up going through with it. Good news though, this date night cost less than $25. Thank God Jordan planned this one.


As promised, this is what I had originally planned on writing for Thursday. I hope this helps anyone who is going stir crazy and needing some ideas to spice it up a little. It was exactly what we needed, and hopefully it’s exactly what you need as you are stuck inside together.



Yes, pajama pants are permitted on our at home dates.

Okay if you are anything like me, yoga was not what I pictured for our relaxing spa night. I mean yoga is a legitimate work out and I was super sore from my workout earlier in the morning. The thought of another workout on my already sore body was not what I wanted. How could I object though? I know how much work goes into planning a date night at home. To be honest though, I was nervous.

As we began, I slowly started to realize that he actually did really good with the video he picked out. He found it on Youtube and I’ll link it there for you to use. This one’s main focus was relaxation and stretching. I would highly recommend. After being worried about how yoga would affect my already sore body, I honestly believe this video was the reason I stopped being sore.


Pro Tip #1: Girl, put your hair up.

I’m not kidding, just do it. I wasn’t aware of the exact activities we were doing until we were about to do them. As a result, when we started yoga I had a baggy shirt on and my hair was flying everywhere. If you’ve ever seen my hair, you know I have a lot of it so it was frustration. It ended up taking away from the whole “relaxation” part of the video. Honestly, you are going to want your hair up for every activity in this date anyways.


Bath Time

Jordan, “Okay, we’re taking a bath now.”

“A bath? Together?”

“Yes, we’re going to take a bath and just soak together. That means NO HANKI PANKI. Got it?”

That whole conversation has no real purpose here. I just couldn’t keep it to myself. I needed someone else to laugh with me because I about died when he said it.


If you read my last article “Selfcare In A Crisis” you already know how much I like baths but I hadn’t done one in years. That is, until this night. Jordan actually renewed my love for baths again. He ended up cleaning the bathroom, buying a special candle and a couple bath bombs for me to pick from, and he found a soothing music video to listen to.

I ended choosing the pink one for this date.

After he set the scene, both of us got our swimsuit covered selves into the tub and just cuddled. I will say, there was nothing for him to worry about, because not only was there no room for the hanki panki. There wasn’t any room for knocking boot, bumping uglies, or the horizontal hustle. What a drag.

By the way, if you are confused about why we had swimsuits on please go back and read “Selfcare In A Crisis” specifically the section about taking a bath. You will not regret it, I promise. I linked it to make it easier for you.

Pro Tip #2: Only put a couple of inches of water in before climbing in.


So we’re grown adults, right? So we know that you have to leave room for yourself when you are filling a tub with water, right? If you don’t, you are going to have a lot of spillage on to the floor. Who has ever had that happen to them before? Yeah me neither, but it looks super messy in movies.

Anyways, here we are filling this tub, making sure we leave enough room to get in. We only filled it to the halfway point before we decide to get in. As we were getting in and getting situated the overflow drain did it’s job so we wouldn’t spill any water on to the floor. Little did we know was how much was actually being drained…

Fast forward, we’re drying off. I got curious and decided to turn around and see how much water the overflow drain had to remove. Do you want to know what I saw in the tub? Four inches of water. FOUR FREAKING INCHES OF WATER. This big claw foot tub was filled halfway up and only four inches of water made the cut. Oh my gosh, please, take this advice. Fill your tub with a couple of inches of water, get in and then continue filling if necessary.



So at this point we came downstairs, he sat me on the couch, poured us cups of sparkling grape juice (because we’re fancy like that), and we proceeded to do masks while listening to the same music video.

Right now I have to give a shout out to Jordan. The fact he knew what masks were amazed me but then he went and got masks for our faces AND our feet. I’ve always wanted to try a foot mask but for one reason or another I never have. I don’t know if he knew that or not but I was super excited when I saw them.

If anyone is curious on foot masking, I really enjoyed it. I noticed a difference in the softness of my skin right away, but it wasn’t long lasting. So take that as you will.


Did I mention I have sensitive skin which made the task ten times harder for him? I’m super impressed but kind of jealous he got a whole bottle of mask.

Pro Tip #3: Cut down time by doing both masks at once.

We were by no means in a hurry so we took our time. We did our feet first while feeling fancy, sipping on our grape juice and then moved on to our faces. If you are on a time crunch, you could cut about 15-20 minutes off by doing them both at the same time.


Full Body Massages

This one confused me at first. All of a sudden, Jordan started to lay all of our living room blankets down and then he just disappeared. What the heck. I had no clue what was going on. Are we having a picnic? Are we going to have a heart to heart? Are we cuddling more? Then all of a sudden he emerges with our daughters special lotion. (She has her mama’s sensitive skin) Which led to even more confusion. Lotion in one hand and a big grin on his face he proceeds to say “Full Body Massages.” God bless this man. I lay down and it’s exactly how it sounds shoulders to toes relaxing massages. It was fabulous.

This is our fancy massage bed.

Pro Tip #4: Make sure you massage them first.

Obviously I got massaged first since he planned the whole thing. I swear this man took his sweet time making sure I was fully relaxed. He’s great. One thing I wasn’t prepared for though? For his turn to come. It sucked getting fully relaxed to have to get up and return the favor once he was done. So my advice, if you can give first do so.


This brings us to the end of the date, and I’d have to say this was my favorite date he’s ever planned. I hope you all take the time to connect with your partner this week whether you use my ideas or not.

Did I mention he shaved his beard for this date? I’m a lucky girl.

Remember, we do date nights, not because the feelings we have toward each other, but instead we do them to maintain the commitment we made to each other. We do date nights to consistently pursue each other. Inevitably people are going to change and grow, but if you are intentional about your relationship, hopefully you will never wake up one day questioning who is in the bed next to you.


I hope that through my words, you receive encouragement and that you discover you are not alone in this mess we call adulthood. I’m rooting for you.

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