My Intentions and Motivations. . .

I will try to make this as clear as possible because I have a lot of thoughts whirling around in my head on this topic so hold on tight, this may get a little rocky at times.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to make an impact that would be worth remembering. I’ve always wanted to speak to peoples hearts and make them feel like they weren’t alone, and I’ve always wanted to use my life and story to connect with people and encourage them. As I grew, I began to realize how this dream was going to come to fruition (…pause for dramatic effect…) With a blog.

If you won’t bet on yourself no one


Some may say that blogs are dead. Some may say no one reads them anymore and it’s a waste of my time, but you know what? I. Don’t. Care. Let me say it again, I just do not care if people say blogs are dead. I just do not care if some say I won’t get a following. Do you know why I don’t care about all the negative things people might have to say about what I am doing? It’s because I know in my heart that I was made for more. I know in my heart that my words can encourage people. I know deep down in the darkest places of my heart that if I set my mind on something and I put in the work I can and WILL be able to accomplish it. This, my friend, is why I was put on this great planet.


To quote one of my greatest inspirations and motivators,

“You can’t fail a job you were created to do”

-Rachel Hollis

Since my daughter was born I have been staying home with her, and I treasure all the time I get with her, I really do! I also realize, a lot of people wish they could have the time I get to have, to spend with their children. So believe me when I say, I am not taking any of it for granted. I’ll repeat that little louder for the people in the back who didn’t hear me first time, I DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THIS TIME FOR GRANTED.

But. You guys, let’s be real. It’s HARD. Life in general is hard but this SAHM thing is so isolating and boring and at times I have felt like I was losing myself. All of this has been wearing on me and I needed an escape. I needed something that’s all mine. Something I can focus on, other than keeping a little human alive all day everyday. I needed something that fed my soul.

And I know what you are thinking, “What? A blog feeds your soul?” And the short answer would be. Yes, yes it does. But I suppose I’ll explain a little more. I have never been the most eloquent speaker and truth be told I find making new friends as an adult difficult and awkward, but I’ve always been able to write and I’ve always LOVED writing. I can’t think of anything more therapeutic then taking all the pent up energy and feelings I have throughout the week and using my passion for writing to express it all.


So for a recap, we know why I want this, why I’ve picked now to begin, and what I hope to accomplish. This is a place where I can write about my thoughts, feelings, and just everyday life in general. But at the same time I still want to write about things that are relevant to you so please go to the “Connect” tab and shoot me a message of what you’d like to see. Your topic may get featured!

I really do hope that through my words, you receive encouragement and that you discover you are not alone in this mess we call adulthood. I’m rooting for you.

I am going to be adding this post to the “About Me” section of my website because I always want to keep my intentions in front of me as a reminder of what I’m working towards.

Follow me for exclusive updates and content. I look forward to seeing you!

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